Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales and When to Use Them

Pentatonic scales can be heard in all types of music from blues and rock to jazz and country. They are a great tool to start out with if you want to learn to improvise or start writing your own solos. I won’t cover the theory behind pentatonic scales in this lesson, as this lesson takes a more practical approach towards learning and using pentatonic scales. That said, to get the most out of pentatonic scales, you will want to understand some of the theory behind pentatonic scales and when to use them.

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Blues Guitar 101: The 12-Bar Blues Chord Progression

The 12-bar blues is probably the most important chord progression you can learn as a blues or rock guitarist. Knowing this chord progression will allow you to play along with the rhythm section of countless blues and rock songs, is great for jamming with other guitarists/bands whether you are a beginner or virtuoso, and provides a great backing when you are first learning to solo/improvise. Continue reading