Introduction to Chord Construction

This lesson will teach you the theory behind building a few basic chords. After learning the concepts in this lesson, you will be able to figure out the notes required to build different chord types. This will enable you to build your own chord voicings all over the fretboard. (Note: In order to fully understand and apply all of the concepts in this lesson you will need to have an understanding of basic major scale theory). Continue reading

The Major Scale

This is my first music theory lesson. I figured I would start with the major scale because a lot of music theory is based on the major scale. Therefore, to learn music theory an understanding of the major scale is essential. If you are completely new to music theory you will want to start by learning some basic notation (note names, rhythms, time signatures, etc) before learning major scale theory. That said, this lesson is fairly basic and you shouldn’t need much of a music theory background to understand it. Continue reading