Guitar Songs for Beginners

Learning songs is an important aspect of learning to play guitar. It helps take the techniques you have practiced and applies them to “real” music. This is especially important for beginners. Below is a list of fairly easy songs for beginners to learn. Not all of these songs are intended to be the “super easy, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” type of songs, but are slightly more challenging songs that are good for beginners to work through. Continue reading

The Major Scale

This is my first music theory lesson. I figured I would start with the major scale because a lot of music theory is based on the major scale. Therefore, to learn music theory an understanding of the major scale is essential. If you are completely new to music theory you will want to start by learning some basic notation (note names, rhythms, time signatures, etc) before learning major scale theory. That said, this lesson is fairly basic and you shouldn’t need much of a music theory background to understand it. Continue reading

Guitar Shredding 101: Building Speed

If you want to shred on the guitar the most important skill you will need is speed. No matter what you play, if it isn’t fast you aren’t shredding! Not to worry though, building speed is not as difficult as many people think. All you need to do is practice correctly, have some patience and persistence, and you will learn to play at hyper-speed! This lesson will teach guitarists of all levels how to practice correctly to build speed. Continue reading

Open Chords – Some Basic Chords That Every Guitarist Should Know (Part 2)

Once you feel comfortable with the open chords in the first part of this lesson, here are a few more open chords you will want to learn. You will probably find that once you have learned a few chords, you will be able to learn additional chords much more quickly. Some of these chords may be slightly more difficult than those in part 1, but shouldn’t be too challenging. Continue reading

Open Chords – Some Basic Chords That Every Guitarist Should Know (Part 1)

Here are a few basic open form chords that all guitarists should know. An open chord generally involves open strings in the chord form and/or does not require a barre (barre chords will be covered later). You may have noticed that I have skipped certain chords (ex. B Major and F Major). This is because these chords are slightly more difficult to play and will therefore be included in a future lesson. Continue reading